Professional Features for Precise Control with SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307

Professional Features for Precise Control with SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307

SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307, the ultimate tool for filmmakers. This tripod is designed to provide precise control over your video shoots, allowing you to achieve smooth and precise movements. With its quick angle adjustment using the 3-stop knob, you can easily make precise changes to your camera’s angle, ensuring accurate framing and composition. The removable telescopic handle adds another layer of control, offering 360° swivel and steady tilting for seamless and controlled movements. SmallRig delivers a tripod that combines the power of V-mount battery compatibility with professional-level control, empowering you to capture stunning footage with precision and creativity.

Quick Angle Adjustment with the 3-Stop Knob

The SmallRig FreeBlazer CT195 4307 tripod offers quick angle adjustment with its 3-stop knob. This feature allows you to easily change the angle of your camera or equipment with precision and speed. Whether you need to switch between different shooting angles or make fine adjustments to your composition, the 3-stop knob provides the control you need for precise framing. This feature ensures that you can capture your footage exactly as intended, without compromising on quality.

Removable Telescopic Handle for 360° Swivel and Steady Tilting

SmallRig understands the importance of smooth and controlled movements in video production. The FreeBlazer CT195 4307 tripod features a removable telescopic handle that enables 360° swivel and steady tilting. This handle allows you to smoothly pan and tilt your camera, ensuring seamless transitions and precise control over your shots. Whether you’re capturing dynamic tracking shots or smooth cinematic movements, the removable telescopic handle enhances your ability to achieve professional-level results.

Unleash your creativity and experience professional-level control with the SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307. This tripod is equipped with professional features that offer precise control over your camera’s angle. The 3-stop knob allows for quick angle adjustment, ensuring accurate framing and precise composition. Additionally, the removable telescopic handle provides 360° swivel and steady tilting, enabling smooth and controlled movements for seamless footage capture. SmallRig delivers a tripod that empowers videographers with the tools needed to achieve professional-level control over their video shoots.

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