How can you increase user engagement with intuitive app designs?

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The entire process of creating a mobile app is made up of different stages. Some people spend time working on the design of the application, whereas some spend time on the backend development of the application.

However, the best way out is to spend equivalent time on both the phases to get an adorable UI/UX, and responsive mobile application that appears to be the same on all platforms.

A mobile app development company in Dubai works on the seamless delivery of the application, and builds an Intuitive App Design for the application.

In this short article, we are going to learn about different ways that lead to an intuitive, attractive, and compelling UI/UX of the application.

Always remember whenever someone downloads your application they first interact with the UI/UX of the app. If the designs, colors, and theme of the application don’t compliment each other then, there is no use of anything.

It’s necessary to work on the designs of the application, and end up building an intuitive yet attractive app design for each type of client.

Are you ready to explore it ‌with us? Let’s get started.

Some Interesting Facts About Application Design

The more interesting the UI/UX of the application is, the more users will spend time using the application. It leads to a higher conversion rate, as most of the users recommend app designers to improve their designs, and layout to get maximum results.

Whether you know this or not ‌, if the application doesn’t have an intuitive layout and frontend, then more than 90% of the users quit the application.

Therefore, it’s necessary for app designers to spend time using the design of the application, and creating an intuitive yet alluring user interface.

Here are the ways in which you can increase the user engagement of your application:

Ways By Which You Can Increase The Engagement Level Of The Application

In this section, we are going to explain the best design practices by which you can increase the engagement level of the application.

Enhancing ‌conversion rate

If we do a keen research, you will be amazed to see an ordinary mobile app development company in Qatar working on the enhancement of the conversion rate of the application.

By using the right shades of color that compliment the application, and a seamless user interface, there are chances that the UI/UX of the application will improve automatically. Moreover, the mobile app design will be attracted by the users, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Such factors force the customers to spend maximum time on the application, and download it from the App Store.

Optimal use of colors and layouts

The colors that are used in the application tell a lot about the application’s niche. For example, if you’re using a shade of blue or green in the application, then it’s pretty much clear that the application is for a medical firm or some healthcare sector.

These colors are associated with medical firms, and if we talk more about the color game then, using dark shades like red or maroon indicates that the application is for dating or matching your perfect partner online.

Tinder is a great example of it. It has a red or pinkish base that indicates the overall activities of the application.

There are a lot of other applications available in the market as well. You can view them one by one and decide by its theme whether it’s a perfect fit for you or not.

Keeping things simple and conventional

It is very ‌important to keep the application’s design and overall layout very simple to be understood by the clients.

For example, if the app design and UI is simple and conventional, then it will be easier for the clients to use and download it. Moreover, anything that is complex will make ‌users frustrated and they will not use it.

Hence, all the app designers should work on the intuitiveness of the application, as it brings the users to the storefront, and makes them become a loyal customer of the application.

Uniformity of the design for the application

This is one of the most important factors that impact the overall appearance of the application. The application, ‌you’re going to design should follow a symmetry like, if you place a button on the right side of the screen for canceling, then it’s necessary to keep it there in other screens as well.

In this way you’re giving a uniform UI/UX to the application, and people will get used to the app’s interface. That’s how you build loyal customers to your application.

Mostly companies that are offering mobile app maintenance services are working on these factors, and detecting such issues in the first place. If they find any such issue, then, it’s their first choice to fix it up.

Always hire professional app designers

Lastly, we have the hiring process, where you should hire professional app designers who know how to design an application from scratch. It’s a very important factor in increasing ‌user engagement.

Because if you hire professionals, they will know all the tweaks, and sensitive points that an app designer should know. Whereas, a newbie will be new to the market and will definitely require some time to learn about the design patterns, and later implement it.

Wrapping It Up

And we’re done for the day! We hope you enjoyed reading about different design patterns, and the practices that an app designer, or should we call it more technical “a UI/UX designer” should know.

All of these points are necessary to be followed in order to increase the user engagement level of the application. Always keep in mind, the more simple the design is, the more users will love to spend time on the application.

If you keep the design of the application complex, then there are chances that they will uninstall the application and will spend time using some other application.

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