A Taste of the UAE: The Local Dishes You Must Try

Local Dishes

UAE is not only famous for the top tourist spot it possesses but also for the top-quality dishes you’ll find in every single area. Every tourist wants to experience the taste of their local dishes to experience how amazing it tastes especially the ones that represent their culture.

If we talk about their cuisine, it’s a combination of some Lebanese and Iranian flavors with a lot of vegetables and meats to cook some unique dishes. Furthermore, these dishes are good for health as well as mouth-watering. So, whether, you’re residing at Al Barsha, Jumeirah, or Ajman, you can eat anything you want. 

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So, without any further delays, let’s have a look at the local dishes UAE has to offer:

Popular Dishes in UAE


Harees is the first local dish of UAE that comes to everyone’s mind as it’s the most popular in the Middle East. It’s a porridge that is cooked in low heat with wheat and meat (mostly lamb or chicken) with some amazing seasoning of spices to give it a nice and juicy flavor. 

As it’s cooked on low heat so mostly let it simmer overnight to get the best taste, in short, cooking a mouthwatering dish for the guests. What’s more interesting you can make this dish at some popular festivals like Ramadan or Eid.


Machboos is a dish that is famous all around UAE, it’s also known as Kabsa and it offers a combination of Indian and Middle Eastern flavors, making it one of the best Emirati cuisine. It is a dish of rice that is cooked with marinated meat (such as beef, chicken, goat, or even fish) with beautiful spices like saffron, cinnamon, and cardamom. 

This dish is often served with fried onions and nuts which makes this dish even more tasty and mouth-watering simultaneously. What’s more interesting is that you’ll find this dish in every restaurant and street. So, if you’re foody, then Machboos is the dish you must try.


For those who are madly in love with sweets, then Luqaimat is the perfect dish for them. To be more precise, this dish is a dumpling prepared with a dough that contains flour, milk, sugar, and saffron, then it gets into a pan or oven with hot oil and as a result, gives you a crispy outside with a soft and sweet inside simultaneously.

It is then served with a delicious sugar syrup called dibs which will take you into the world of imagination on the first bite. Just like hares, Luqaimat is the most popular sweet dish served at functions and events.


Just like every other food, Madrooba is also a famous dish in its way as the best seafood dish available in UAE. It’s a dish cooked from shrimp on slow heat until it gives you a thick mixture full of flavor and a nice smell to make your tummy even hungrier.

However, everyone knows that every dish gets tasty because of the spices but the main thing that catches everyone’s attention is the sautéed onions. What’s more interesting is that Madrooba acts as a catalyst that takes you closer to marine life and the relationship of UAE with it.


Looking for a perfect breakfast meal then, Khameer is the one you should look for. It’s a traditional bread that you can even use as a source for an evening snack for making a sandwich. It’s cooked with the help of yeast, saffron, and flour and gives you a nice and soft dough in the end with a sweet flavor. 

Then, it’s baked in an oven or a microwave making it a fluffy bread, and then served with a nice touch of date paste, honey, cheese, and ghee. So, whenever you go to the United Arab Emirates, don’t forget to try khameer or else you won’t be able to experience the joy of eating this snack.


Samboosa is one of the most popular dishes in UAE that people have demanded whenever they’re exploring the famous attraction. It’s almost similar to a traditional Indian samosa. But what makes it samoosa is the ingredients which are:

  • Spiced meat 
  • Vegetables 
  • Lentils

These ingredients are then put in a triangular dough made from all-purpose flour after mixing them and then they are fried in a pan in hot oil, making it a crispy and delicious meal with a mouth-watering taste.


Mandi also comes in the list of local dishes in UAE that you can easily find in every home. It’s one of the best Emirati cuisines that is a combination of rice and meat cooked with a bit of every spice. 

It’s cooked on a slow heat and mostly the meat that is used in this meal is lamb or chicken, marinated for hours to let the spices completely dissolve in it and as a result, it’ll give you a taste of a lifetime.

Before You Go

There are many local dishes that you can find in every street of UAE and some of them are which you’ve never tasted before. The first dish that comes on that list is Harees, a delicious meal that is cooked with a combination of wheat and chicken or beef that you can serve in popular Islamic festivals like Ramadan or Eid ul Fitr.

Then there’s a sweet dish Luqaimat, a dumpling that has no competition as it stands tall among others and finally comes Mandi, a traditional meal with a combination of rice and meat that not only offers a unique taste but it’s smell makes you eat more and more of it.

So, whenever you get a chance to visit UAE, make sure to try these dishes, or else you won’t be able to experience the true taste of the Middle East.

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