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Last year’s fall was revolutionary for the digital world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools started rising. One of them was ChatGPT. However, improvements are still needed in AI technologies before something productive can come of them.

DALL-E has become quite popular. It rose in popularity this year and a lot of people flocked to the tool. They used it to generate humorous images and some people also used it productively for their graphics-related work. The tool was a fun thing to have when it was launched.

Today, image-generation tools powered by AI have come further. There are a lot more options present in this regard. DALL-E is just one of them (including DALL-E mini). Many companies are looking to use these tools for their marketing activities. However, there are too many options present. Which one to choose is a serious challenge for them?

Should companies and designers use AI-powered image generators?

Let us first have a brief discussion on whether or not AI image generators should be used.

There are ethical concerns in this area. According to design leads from a well known logo design company in Dubai; these tools do generate images in the least possible time. Making custom images manually is a time-intensive process. Many of these tools are free to use. However, it also means that these tools are not trademarked. Of course, graphic designers cost a price. But their work is trademarked, patented, and protected.

That makes AI image generation unethical in one way. However, it has helped numerous businesses save costs of hiring designers. Small businesses can go for it. Medium and large enterprises need to reconsider their use.

As mentioned earlier, there is the problem of copyright. AI tools often use real images and artwork to make their images. Apart from ethical concerns, there have been lawsuits. Additionally, these images cannot be copyright-protected, and almost anyone can use these images. They can be copied by others, especially for use in marketing materials.

Quality is another factor that is compromised. AI-generated images aren’t usually good-looking. Even if they are good-looking, they can become disturbing at times. Free tools are not good at generating top-class images. Paid tools are better. Yet, it then results in companies hiring a designer and a photographer to produce something ethical, pleasant, and of top quality.

Other pros and cons are present too. Yet, the ones mentioned can give designers and other professionals an overview of what the situation is about. It is up to companies and their marketers about whether or not they should use AI image generators.

Using them occasionally can work. Total reliance on them can be a problem. It will then result in many questioning the existence of these tools.

Which AI-powered Image generation tool is best for use in design?

Today, AI-powered image generation tools have come quite far. There are a lot of options present in this regard. This is why we will be discussing the top AI-powered image generators and which ones are recommended by experts working at a web design agency in Dubai. Let us now have a good look:


DALL-E is the progenitor of AI-image generators. It started the trend. Developed and provided by OpenAI (ChatGPT’s creator), The tool is one of a kind and is top-of-the-line too. Apart from DALL-E, there is also DALL-E 2. The older version is accessible via a paid plan. Users can pay $15 for 115 credits and then they can be used for generating images.

If users run out, they can generate more by paying $15 again and vice versa.


It was formerly known as DALL-E mini. Crayon is one of the earliest and most well-known AI image generators that creates top-class images. Users can simply visit the site, type in the prompt, wait for a moment, and then the tool can produce a grid that comprises nine variations of the prompt.

Jasper AI (Jasper Art)

Jasper.AI is not just an art generation tool. Jasper is also known for writing flawless content by generating top-notch text. However, it does provide reasonably top-quality results at top-quality prices.


Midjourney is also another well-known AI-powered image generator. It is also one of the most interesting options present. It somehow operates exclusively via Discord. Users need to have a discord account first and then join Midjourney’s server. Then they can use chat commands to make images.

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